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Run WinDiff plugin


This plug-in provides you compare two text scripts using external compare tool, WinDiff for default setting.

DTM SQL editor: Run WinDiff plug-in


Copy ToWinDiff.dll and ToWinDiff.ini (if present) to DTM SQL editor directory for install this plug-in.


To activate plug-in select corresponding menu item in PlugIns submenu.


Settings/Options - specify additional compare tool options like -O, -P etc.
Path/WorkingDirectory - working directory, plug-in uses %TEMP% for empty setting
Path/ExePath - tool path, uses WinDiff without path for empty setting.

DTM SQL editor: run WinDiff plug-in settings

Revision History

  • 1.02 - supports "Settings" dialog (SQL editor 1.60+ required).
  • 1.01 - "Options" key in [Settings] section of the INI file supported for additional WinDiff options.
  • 1.00 - original version with default features.