Table of Content
About the SQL integrated environment
  1. SQL editor with syntax highlighting, multilevel Undo/Redo features and integrated searching and replacement tools. You can use macros to automate entering frequently used fragments. Lets you work with scripts more effectively
  2. Supports ODBC, IDAPI and OCI data source connection with detailed database information. Provides the quick view of the database schema and results of the query execution.
  3. Easy access to the file history and the history of the scripts already executed. You can quickly switch to the required file or the previously run script with just a single mouse click.
  4. A convenient way to display results of the script execution. The application supports clipboard and data export tools. The program exports data to plain text, HTML page, XML document, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can save query results as a set of SQL statements.
  5. Step-by-step SQL builder (query builder) is the most intuitive and natural way to build complex SQL statements visually without submersing into SQL.

DTM SQL editor: main window