Table of Content
General Settings

Most important general settings are:

  1. Should the program save main window position between sessions or no
  2. Should the program save database connections between sessions or no
  3. "Disable SQL parsing" option allows you to deal with the complex language constructs and non-standard SQL extensions. In some cases, the program cannot parse script correctly and then this option is necessary.
  4. Preview binary large objects (BLOBs) as text (in hexadecimal mode by default).
  5. "View NULLS as <NULL>" option allows selecting of the visualization mode for NULL values between displaying the special sign <NULL> and just emptying the cell.
  6. Should the program execute selected part of the text if present. The whole script will be executed otherwise
  7. Should the program remove comments before pass script to execution or no
  8. Export SQL statement separator like ';' or 'go'
  9. SQL Library location

DTM SQL editor: general settings window