H1 2010 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
20-jun-2010 DTM DB Event 1.03
  • Date and time options changed
  • Added SQL console for event definition
  • Cumulative execution HTML-report
  • Better support for multiprocessor environments
23-feb-2010 DTM Data Generator 1.33
  • New pattern engine for by pattern fill method
  • Flat file generation special GUI
  • Better support for Oracle Instant Client
22-jan-2010 DTM DB Stress 1.11
  • New task properties
  • New task editor design
  • Prologue and epilogue scripts support in user interface
12-jan-2010 DTM Data Comparer 1.03.34 Hot fix
09-jan-2010 DTM Schema Comparer 1.05
  • Important user interface enhancements
  • New SQL Server 2008 features and data types support
05-jan-2010 DTM Data Generator 1.32
  • GUI changes: blob loader and migration tool are integrated now
  • New Data Rule editor
  • Value Library additions
  • Runtime license
05-jan-2010 DTM DB Event 1.01
  • Performance and GUI enhancements
  • New event editor
  • Minimize on tray option added
03-jan-2010 DTM DB Stress 1.09
  • New navigation panel
  • Quick Log Viewer added
  • Project report with built-in viewer
02-jan-2010 DTM Schema Reporter 1.20
  • Quick Log Viewer added
  • Multi-format report option
  • New execution console
  • Major GUI update