H1 2011 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
28-jun-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.35.05 HTML project report hotfix
21-jun-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.15.02 SQL parser hotfix
17-jun-2011 DTM Data Scrubber 1.09
  • Excel and text formats for execution report
  • Better detailization for execution report
  • Custom database connections for verification rule
  • Added 'Value Library' support
  • WHERE clause for cleaning rules
17-jun-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.35.03 Group functions hotfix
17-jun-2011 DTM Data Scrubber 1.08
  • Column-to-column references added to the check properties
  • Expressions in the check added
  • New action: "Write to log"
15-jun-2011 DTM Migration Kit 1.10
  • Complete OLE DB support added
  • Better support for Access 2007 and 2010 schema migration: defaults, checks, etc.
  • Support import for read only files and files from CD/DVD
  • "Run checked rules" feature
  • Unicode edition is available again
04-jun-2011 DTM Migration Kit 1.09
  • SQL console performance enhancements
  • Comment/description migration feature for tables and columns
  • GUI changes: copy execution console option, toolbar and layout redesign
04-jun-2011 DTM Data Comparer 1.08
  • Value conversion feature added
  • GUI enhancements and performance improvements
  • Better support for SQL Server 2008 data types
03-jun-2011 DTM Migration Kit 1.08.03 Export feature for execution console
28-may-2011 DTM Data Comparer 1.07.14 Usability update and hotfixes
27-may-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.35
  • Value library redesign and new items
  • Better support for custom read-only value libraries
  • New "File Structure" dialog box options
  • SQL editor extensions: new context menu, plug-ins support, etc.
27-may-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.15
  • "Script from file" feature in the task definition
  • GUI and usability enhancements
  • Pattern engine fixes and improvements
23-may-2011 DTM Data Editor 1.02.39 Cumulative GUI update and hotfixes
20-may-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.23 SQL syntax highlighting hotfix
14-may-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.14.07 Connectivity enhancements, pattern engine updates
11-may-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.34.06 Check constraint parser improvements
06-may-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.34.05 "Use sequentially" parameter for $QueryGroup, $TableGroup and $Excel group functions
03-may-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.34.03 Hotfix for user defined data types support
28-apr-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.34.02 Connectivity changes for project files
16-apr-2011 DTM Migration Kit 1.08
  • Better support for SQL Server database schemas migration
  • Copy user defined functions feature improvements
  • Copy user defined data type feature added for Microsoft SQL Server
  • "Stop on error" option enhanced
  • New "Clear" rule options for complex relationships and compound keys
15-apr-2011 DTM Schema Comparer 1.06
  • Synchronous navigation enhancements
  • Comparison report: better focus for different statement part
  • New comparison option: compare data types by name
  • GUI enhancements: better support for hot keys
11-apr-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.34
  • Pattern engine new functions: $Text, $MSExcelGroup
  • "Where" for $Library and $Table functions
  • @'column' support in $Lib function "where"
  • Maximum length parameter for $Library function
  • Custom column separators for $FileGroup function
11-apr-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.14.03 Minor pattern engine update
11-apr-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.20 Hotfix for Oracle
08-apr-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.33.41 SQL console updates, GUI hotfixes
08-apr-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.16 TOC enhancements and data statistics bugfixes
07-apr-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.14.02 Task editor hotfix
05-apr-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.14.01 Pattern library update
02-apr-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.33.39 $TableGroup() function bugfix, $Text() function enhancements, Value Library update
31-mar-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.14
  • Report comparison feature
  • Report Visualizer (beta) in now available
  • Minor compatibility enhancements
24-mar-2011 DTM Data Scrubber 1.07
  • WHERE clause for verification rules
  • New regular expression engine options
  • Known Values for verification (URL, e-mail, IP address, phone number, etc)
  • GUI enhancements: new hot keys, "stop" toolbar button
20-mar-2011 DTM Data Generator 1.33.33 GUI changes, new options at "Rows" tab of the rule editor
24-feb-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24
  • Shows dependencies for SQL Server views, procedures and functions
  • Import and export descriptions tools integrated
  • New settings for views and procedures comments export
12-feb-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.23
  • Extended property editor was integrated
  • Extended Property Editor now supports views, procedures and functions
  • CSS file was integrated into HEAD.html template
03-feb-2011 DTM Schema Comparer 1.05.03 Compatibility update for Oracle
03-feb-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.22
  • Navigation tree extensions
  • Better support for annotation on SQL Server views, procedures and functions (MS_Descriptions)
  • Added indexes and triggers descriptions support
20-jan-2011 DTM DB Stress 1.13
  • VSS integration
  • SQL Library support implemented
16-jan-2011 DTM Schema Reporter 1.21
  • Better user defined data types support
  • New database schema reporting options