H1 2013 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
26-jun-2013 DTM Test XML Generator 1.06.01 Nodes and attributes enumeration hotfix
23-jun-2013 DTM Data Comparer 1.16
  • New comparison feature added: use conversion expression
  • Better Windows 8 support (desktop mode)
  • Major connectivity module enhancement: SQL Server, MySQL, etc
08-may-2013 DTM SQL editor 2.03.21 Hot fix for non-select statements statistics visualization
24-apr-2013 DTM Data Generator 1.48.08 Pattern engine hot fix and updates for regular expressions support
24-apr-2013 DTM Flat File Generator 1.48.08 Pattern engine hot fix ($Regexp, $RFloat and $Rint functions)
19-apr-2013 DTM Test XML Generator 1.06
  • Prologue and epilogue SQL scripts: project and file level
  • Added $FILE_N$ macro support
  • Added context menus: attribute list, node tree
15-apr-2013 DTM Test XML Generator 1.05
  • New generators added to menu
  • 'Stop' button added for long-time projects
  • 'Default connection' feature added
  • 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' operations for node attribute list implemented
11-apr-2013 DTM Test XML Generator 1.04
  • XML quoting hotfixes and enhancements
  • New diagnostics module
  • 'Check for update' feature has been improved
08-apr-2013 DTM Flat File Generator 1.48.03 Hot fix for custom generator options.
29-mar-2013 DTM Migration Kit 1.11.02 Cumulative connectivity update, hotfix for SQL Server 'Ms_Descriptions' copy process.
26-mar-2013 DTM Data Generator 1.48.07 Better support UTF8 files for "By file" fill method
20-mar-2013 DTM DB Stress 1.21.01 By group execution mode hotfix for x64 edition
19-mar-2013 DTM ODBC Runner 1.02.02 -T command line switch and 'Statement' item of the configuration file added.
15-mar-2013 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.32 Hotfix for multiline Descriptions: output and editor
13-mar-2013 DTM Schema Comparer 1.10.13 Better support for "ignore schema" comparison mode
13-mar-2013 DTM Data Editor 1.15.03 User interface minor hotfix
13-mar-2013 DTM Data Editor 1.03.01 Main window hotfix for minimized sessions
13-mar-2013 DTM Data Modeler 1.09.07 Cumulative connectivity hotfix
13-mar-2013 DTM SQL editor 2.03.20 Excel 2007 and 2010 support hotfix, better support for .accdb format
12-mar-2013 DTM Schema Inspector 1.21.16 GUI and connectivity hotfixes
06-mar-2013 DTM Data Comparer 1.15.00
  • New comparison modes: query to table, file to table and Excel to table
  • New options and command line switches added
  • Major user interface update: main window, settings window, etc
  • Better support for project backup
13-feb-2013 DTM Flat File Generator 1.48.02 Cumulative engine update
13-feb-2013 DTM Data Generator 1.48.02 Rule editor enhancements for better unique identifiers support
08-feb-2013 DTM Data Generator 1.48.01 Statistics logging hotfix for data scramble mode
07-feb-2013 DTM Data Scrubber 1.10.00
  • Unique key selection feature added for data verification rule
  • Data verification rule can be applied to View
  • Added column reference support to 'by SQL query' check
  • New options and settings added
05-feb-2013 DTM Data Scrubber 1.09.06 Rule editor hotfix: Where clause synchronization
25-jan-2013 DTM DB Stress 1.21
  • Better transaction support for complex SQL scenarios
  • SQL and Text reports enhancement: performance counters can be included into report
  • New function: export and import settings
28-jan-2013 DTM Test XML Generator 1.03.02 Complex attributes generation hotfix
25-jan-2013 DTM DB Stress 1.20
  • New feature added: import script from SQL Server Profiler trace file (*.TRC)
  • HTML execution report localization feature implemented
  • HTML reports (project and execution) customization by CSS added
24-jan-2013 DTM Data Comparer 1.14.07 Connectivity hotfix: better diagnostics for OLE DB connections
24-jan-2013 DTM Data Scrubber 1.09.04 Cumulative connectivity update
22-jan-2013 DTM DB Stress 1.19
  • Task editor enhancements: new items, better page design.
  • Show execution plan feature supports Oracle Server. Enterprise edition only.
  • Export project to portable format (.STP2) added. Enterprise edition only.
  • Stress project and execution reports enhancements (HTML).
18-jan-2013 DTM DB Stress 1.18
  • Plug-ins are now integrated to main code for better performance (Enterprise edition only)
  • New settings editor design. New options and settings added.
  • Cumulative database interface support update
  • New HTML reports (project and execution) items added
18-jan-2013 DTM SQL editor 2.03.19 Better support for Unicode
11-jan-2013 DTM DB Stress 1.17.01 Better DDL statements support, fetching hotfix
09-jan-2013 DTM Data Generator 1.48
  • "Export one" and "Append from" operations for named generators
  • Better support for Asian languages in Enterprise Unicode version
  • Feature export to "data generation script" added
09-jan-2013 DTM SQL editor 2.03.18 Informix 11 connectivity hotfix
09-jan-2013 DTM Query Reporter 1.24.31 Informix and Oracle connectivity hotfix
09-jan-2013 DTM Schema Inspector 1.21.15 Cumulative ODBC module update
08-jan-2013 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.31 Informix and Oracle connectivity hotfix
03-jan-2013 DTM SQL editor 2.03.17 Built-in SQL Builder hotfix