H1 2014 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
24-jun-2014 DTM Data Generator for Excel 1.00.01 User interface hotfix, minor pattern engine updates
24-jun-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.54
  • Implemented new pattern engine
  • Added JSON file output format
  • Schema cache feature optimized for Oracle and Sybase
17-jun-2014 DTM Data Generator for Excel 1.00 The software has been released.
25-may-2014 DTM Test XML Generator 1.10
  • New pattern engine implementation added
  • Important performance improvements: up to 3-4 times for typical cases
  • User interface enhancements for import options
10-may-2014 DTM Test XML Generator 1.09
  • Better support for XML Schema import
  • Name prefix and $DATE$, $TIME$ macros in the output file name
  • New structure import options ("insert" mode)
23-apr-2014 DTM Schema Reporter 1.25
  • Added integration with DTM Data Editor
  • New schema report options
  • Major connectivity improvements for SQLite, Pervasive SQL and MySQL
20-apr-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25.01 Implemented support of parameters in output file name
20-apr-2014 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.03 Better connectivity support for SQLite and PervasiveSQL
20-apr-2014 DTM SQL editor 2.05.01 UTF-8 support hotfix for SQLite databases
10-apr-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25
  • New set of command line switches (-p)
  • Macros support enhanced in the report titles
  • Integration with DTM Data Editor added
  • Better SQLite databases connectivity
25-mar-2014 DTM Data Editor 1.04.03 Unicode support hotfix for insert row operation (MySQL and SQLite)
25-mar-2014 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.38 Performance and connectivity hotfix for MySQL and PostgreSQL
13-mar-2014 DTM Data Scrubber 1.15
  • Diagnostics for date and time format improved
  • Report design and data presentation improvements
  • Connectivity enhancements for SQLite and MySQL databases
27-feb-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.53.02 Hotfix for rule level SQL scripts editor
27-feb-2014 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.02 Better support for SQLite schema migration
27-feb-2014 DTM Data Moldeler 1.09.11 Hotfix for OLE DB support (master-details structure retrieving)
26-feb-2014 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.01 Clear rule hotfix for schema objects with empty owner
26-feb-2014 DTM Data Modeler 1.09.10 Hotfix for objects with empty owner reverse engineering
15-feb-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.00
  • New pattern and data generation engine
  • Number of row limitation removed
  • Complete support up to 32 CPU/Cores
  • Console mode added
  • Run checked execution mode
  • New effective project file format
  • Unicode and x64 builds available
14-feb-2014 DTM Data Comparer 1.22
  • Added new data grid customization options
  • Enhanced key mapping diagnostics
  • New report options for Excel output: color support, etc.
12-feb-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.53.01 Wizard hotfix for NULL fill factor cyclic use
09-feb-2014 DTM Migration Kit 1.12
  • Better integration with DTM Data Editor implemented
  • Connectivity module changes for SQL Server, SQLite ODBC driver, etc
  • GUI and diagnostics enhancements
02-feb-2014 DTM Schema Comparer 1.10.17 Connectivity improvements and hotfix (for SQLite databases)
01-feb-2014 DTM DB Event 1.05.07 User interface hotfix for console mode under Windows 7/8
16-jan-2014 DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.36 Traditional Chinese characters visualization hotfix
15-jan-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 1.54
  • New pattern engine with built-in compiler
  • Performance increased up to 15 times for typical scenarios
  • Added new structure import options and features
  • GUI updates and enhancements