H1 2015 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
24-jun-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.14.02 File quoting hotfix for console mode
23-jun-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.03
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format selection implemented
  • New output mode added: 'stdout'
  • Call external executable for each generated file implemented
23-jun-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.13
  • Check for Updates feature implemented
  • Save area as new project function added
  • Object tree navigation improvements: sort order, validation, etc
  • New model integrity checks added
23-jun-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.14
  • Better support 'minOccurs' and 'maxOccurs' (XSD import)
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format selection implemented
  • Important performance improvements
22-jun-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.12.02 Memory usage optimization, GUI hotfixes
19-jun-2015 DTM Schema Reporter 1.28.09 "Rename property" function added to the Extended Property Editor
19-jun-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.12.05 Minor entity navigation feature improvement
19-jun-2015 DTM Data Generator for Excel 2.00.03 Better support for random numbers locale
11-jun-2015 DTM Data Generator for Excel 2.00.02 Pattern engine hotfix
11-jun-2015 DTM Data Generator 1.56.01 Transaction management improvement in the native MySQL support
11-jun-2015 DTM File Factory 1.03
  • Write result to standard output option added
  • Call external command for each file mode implemented
  • GUI improvements for better window resizing
09-jun-2015 DTM SQL runner 1.02.03 'QuoteChar' configuration option implemented
04-jun-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.17 Unique key migration hotfix
04-jun-2015 DTM Data Generator for Excel 2.00.01 Minor user interface and engine enhancements
27-may-2015 DTM File Factory 1.02.01 Minor user interface hotfix for large fonts
26-may-2015 DTM File Factory 1.02
  • New hot keys and a few GUI enhancements (menu, toolbar, etc.)
  • New options and Settings Window
  • Better support for binary templates
22-may-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.24.05 Show data function improved for modern Excel versions
22-may-2015 DTM File Factory 1.01.01 Better binary templates recognizing
22-may-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.12
  • Node probability feature added
  • Group of items function implemented
  • Cumulative user interface update
19-may-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.02
  • BSON output added
  • Preview feature major improvements
  • Cumulative pattern engine update
18-may-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.01.02 Better support for top-level arrays
12-may-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.01.01 Diagnostics module improved for fixed-width output
11-may-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.01
  • Pattern engine update. Added functions $WebFile, $WebFileGroup and $Case
  • Better support 'Value Library' for fixed width output files
  • Default connection options improved for text files support
11-may-2015 DTM File Factory 1.01
  • The template editor context menu added
  • Insert 'repeat', 'optional' and call menu items added
  • 'Default database' feature implemented
  • Value-to-value references support improved
09-may-2015 DTM File Factory 1.00.01 User interface hotfixes for control enabling mode, progress indicator
08-may-2015 DTM ODBC Manager 1.04.07 MFC support hotfix for 64 bit systems
07-may-2015 DTM Data Generator 1.56
  • Better MS Windows 7 and 8 shell integration
  • Major pattern engine update, new functions added ($WebFile, $WebFileGroup, $Case), etc
  • Database Connection module cumulative upgrade
05-may-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.11.01 Pattern engine hotfix for $Now function
05-may-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.01.01 Pattern engine hotfix for $IncChar function
04-may-2015 DTM File Factory 1.00 The template based test file generator has been released
16-apr-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.16 User interface hotfix for rule movements
16-apr-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.12.06 Data generation process improved for "recreate" mode
13-apr-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.12.02 Better support for AUTOINCREMENT clause in SQLite database
08-apr-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.11.03 Database owner generation hotfix
07-apr-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.24.04 "Trim right spaces" option implementation improved
07-apr-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.11
  • Cumulative user interface improvement: new menu, tree refresh feature, etc.
  • New schema tree context menus added for relationships, indexes, triggers, etc.
  • DTM Data Editor integration added
03-apr-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.14 Minor user interface improvements for main form resizing
03-apr-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.24.03 String comparison function improved
02-apr-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.12 Manage ODBC DSN user interface improved
02-apr-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.24.02 Hotfix for legacy Microsoft Access versions support: compound primary keys
26-mar-2015 DTM Schema Reporter 1.28.08 Foreign keys reporting improvement for schema/owner-less databases
24-mar-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.09.12 Minor SQLite support enhancement added
23-mar-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.24.01 XML report hotfix
19-mar-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.24
  • Better text file comparison support
  • Added connections to custom separated text files
  • XML reporting feature added
  • Better date and time comparison for different value format
24-feb-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.10 Identity migration hotfix for legacy SQL Server editions
24-feb-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.24 Minor user interface hotfix: export structure dialog view
15-feb-2015 DTM Schema Inspector 2.00
  • Major user interface updates: menu, views, toolbars
  • Complete Unicode support implemented, including export schema feature
  • Show objects description feature added
  • New settings and options added
  • New objects properties to view added
  • 64 bit version is now available
15-feb-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.23 $MSAccess function hotfix, minor performance improvements
14-feb-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.21 Minor user interface hotfix for SQL console
12-feb-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.20 Export form SQL console hotfix for Unicode files
11-feb-2015 DTM Data Generator for Excel 2.00
  • New user interface
  • Major pattern engine and value library update
  • Added clipboard support for row structure
  • New settings and options
10-feb-2015 DTM Data Editor 1.04.07 Export BLOB function improved for tables without Primary Key
10-feb-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.23.10 Floating point number comparison accuracy and performance enhanced
08-feb-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.09 Better Unicode support for export to text and Excel format
07-feb-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.19 Performance hotfix for $Seq function
06-feb-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.23.07 Better support numbers comparison for different culture settings
06-feb-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.07 Quoting values hotfix for legacy Microsoft Access data files
05-feb-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.06 Better support for Oracle 11g date and type conversions
05-feb-2015 DTM Query Reporter 1.28.03 Check for Updates procedure hotfix
04-feb-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.23.06 Key comparison hotfix for 'real' and 'double' data types
03-feb-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.23.05 "Show query" option added to settings for HTML report
02-feb-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.18 Fixed width output hotfix for complex by library data
01-feb-2015 DTM Dashboard 1.03
  • New products by DTM soft was integrated
  • Cumulative user interface upgrade: menu, product list, etc.
30-jan-2015 DTM DB Stress 1.23
  • Cumulative user interface update
  • Major built-in test data generator update
  • New portable value library format and content
28-jan-2015 DTM Query Reporter 1.28.02 XML output hotfix for nested queries
28-jan-2015 DTM ODBC Manager 1.04.06 Minor user interface hotfixes, new MFC support added
28-jan-2015 DTM Schema Inspector 1.22.02 Cumulative COMMON library update
28-jan-2015 DTM DB Event 1.05.08 Minor event editor user interface improvements
27-jan-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.14 Number generator options hotfix for leading zeros
24-jan-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00.11 Import/export procedures minor improvements
23-jan-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.23.02 Hotfix for legacy Excel worksheet quotation
23-jan-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.00
  • New multi-project user interface
  • Complete Unicode support
  • New structure management options
  • Better connection management
  • Better XLSX spreadsheets support
18-jan-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.11
  • Bulk projects execution added to console mode
  • Performance enhanced for nodes with repeat counter greater 1
  • Better Windows 7 shell integration
  • Major pattern engine update
18-jan-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.01
  • Major data generation engine and value library update
  • Import sample file procedure improved
  • Better Windows 7/8 shell integration
  • Performance enhancements and fixes
13-jan-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.10.06 Pattern engine hotfix for column-to-column references