H1 2019 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
20-JUN-2019 DTM DB Stress 1.24.09 $DATE$ macro hotfix for report file names
06-JUN-2019 DTM Data Modeler 1.14.11 Reverse engineering engine hotfix for Firebird data types
05-JUN-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.16 Better Interbase and Firebird schemas support.
10-MAY-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.12 Mode 2 added to $QueryGroup function. Fixes.
09-MAY-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.10 Column-to-column reference hotfix for $Vars function call.
08-MAY-2019 DTM Data Modeler 1.14.10 Hotfix for (max) size of 'varchar' and 'varbinary' columns (SQL Server).
08-MAY-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.09 $Query and $Table fixes for NULL values.
04-MAY-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.08 Minor engine performance improvement for SQL Server data generation.
30-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.07 JSONB data type (PostgreSQL) basic support fix.
28-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.06 The project report improvements and fixes.
24-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.05 Better diagnostics for dynamic ranges of $RDate and $RTime functions.
22-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.04 Diagnostics enhanced for forward column-to-column references.
20-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.03 Better diagnostics for nested calls of $Vars function.
15-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.02 Unicode (UTF16) project files compatibility fix
12-APR-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.01 Engine improvement: better support inner calls for mode=2 of $Query function
08-MAR-2019 DTM Data Modeler 1.14.09 User interface update: entity editor, views editor procedures editor, area manager
26-FEB-2019 DTM Query Reporter 2.05.02 "Contains HTML" mode added for title, header and footer
24-FEB-2019 DTM Query Reporter 2.05.01 Multiline title editor implemented, minor accessibility improvements
07-FEB-2019 DTM DB Event 1.05.17 $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros are now available in the "write log" action.
06-FEB-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00
  • Engine improvements: $new and $today functions optimized, $JSON call paths support, better HTTPS support
  • Random string capitalization selection
  • Rule Wizard data types recognition improvements
  • Important Value Library update
  • SQL library integration
  • By pattern method: predefined list of popular/useful generators
  • Engine: diagnostics enhanced for nested calls
  • Schema refresh options: menu item and on Rule Editor open
  • User manual major update
  • Tips of the day: 25 new suggestions
  • GUI updates: new icons, menu items and dialog boxes design
24-JAN-2019 DTM Dashboard 1.03.05 Cumulative connectivity module update.
18-JAN-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.15 Unicode support hotfix for descriptions operations.
17-JAN-2019 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.15 Export table diagnostics hotfix.
15-JAN-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.14 Better schemas support for PostgreSQL 10 and 11.
14-JAN-2019 DTM File Factory 1.05.04 User interface update. Minor connectivity fixes.
12-JAN-2019 DTM Data Comparer 1.26.16 Unicode string support improvements for Oracle and MySQL databases
11-JAN-2019 DTM Data Comparer 1.26.15 Diagnostics improvement for ODBC driver for Excel
10-JAN-2019 DTM Data Generator for Excel 2.01.02 Cumulative data generation engine and UI update
09-JAN-2019 DTM Data Generator 2.03.01 Built-in DTM Data Masking tool update: engine, UI, etc.
08-JAN-2019 DTM DB Event 1.05.16 Connectivity module upgrade
07-JAN-2019 DTM Query Reporter 2.05
  • Custom CSS classes for title, header and footer
  • Value converters implemented
  • Cumulative reporting engine update
06-JAN-2019 DTM Data Generator 2.03
  • Global and local variables export and import
  • The database schema analyzer upgrade
  • Cumulative product manual update
05-JAN-2019 DTM Data Scrubber 1.15.08 User interface update: toolbar, rule list, menus. Reporting module hot fixes.
04-JAN-2019 DTM Content Analyzer 1.04.07 64 bit build is now available
03-JAN-2019 DTM Data Generator for JSON 2.01
  • New JSON generator with pattern engine compatibility
  • Important JSON formatter update
  • Pattern engine cumulative update
02-JAN-2019 DTM DB Stress 1.24.08 Cumulative update of the built-in test data generator
01-JAN-2019 DTM Data Editor 1.05.08 Performance improvements