H1 2020 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
29-JUN-2020 DTM File Factory 1.07.03 Cumulative pattern engine update
09-JUN-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.08 Better complex data types support for $If, $IfR, $Unique and $Sequence calls
05-JUN-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.07 The $If call hotfix for cross-type comparisons
04-JUN-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.06 The expression engine hotfix for milliseconds time part
29-APR-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.05 Preview and syntax check fixes for "by pattern" fill method
16-APR-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.04 Large Oracle (OCI) schemas support improvements and fixes
29-MAR-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.03 Built-in Library Manager and Data Scrambler updates
29-MAR-2020 DTM Flat File Generator 3.05.02 RDate and RTime functions hotfixes
28-MAR-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.01.02 Minor pattern engine improvements and fixes
28-MAR-2020 DTM Flat File Generator 3.05.01 Random date function hotfix
27-MAR-2020 DTM Dashboard 1.03.06 x64 build is now available for free. Cumulative connectivity module update.
23-FEB-2020 DTM Text to XML converter 1.00.02 Cumulative conversion engine update
09-FEB-2020 DTM Text to JSON converter 1.00.03 Cumulative engine and user interface update
12-JAN-2020 DTM Test XML Generator 1.20.08 Cumulative pattern engine update: new functions and options