H2 2010 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
20-dec-2010 DTM Migration Kit 1.07
  • Cumulative GUI and engine update
  • Better Excel 2010 spreadsheets and Access 2010 databases import support
07-dec-2010 DTM Data Comparer 1.07
  • Important GUI enhancements: toolbars, status bar, layout
  • Memory usage and performance optimizations
25-nov-2010 DTM Data Comparer 1.06
  • Face-to-face comparison form for data row
  • New comparison status indicator
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros for report and synchronization SQL script name
  • New comparison options
25-oct-2010 DTM Migration Kit 1.06.60 Cumulative rules update
01-aug-2010 DTM Query Reporter 1.20
  • Multi-statement scripts support
  • Quick log viewer implemented
  • New execution console
17-jul-2010 DTM DB Event 1.05
  • Performance counter value for local and remote system as event definition
  • GUI changes for bulk event modifications
  • New navigation panel
  • Built-in log viewer