H2 2014 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
23-dec-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.09.04 Better diagnostics for $Time and $Date functions
22-dec-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.09.03 Minor performance hotfix, enable "hot key" option added
21-dec-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.09.01 GUI hotfixes: row width visualization, spin control support, project status checks
19-dec-2014 DTM Data Editor 1.04.06 Minor GUI improvements
16-dec-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.09
  • Pattern engine update: $WebFile and $WebFileGroup added
  • New setting: default output directory
  • Minor performance and synchronization improvements for 8+ core/CPU systems
11-dec-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.08
  • New import sample file options: custom field separator, filed width files parsing, etc
  • Import sample improvement: well known value sets support
  • Project Wizard has been added
30-nov-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.06
  • Import legacy (.dgp) project file feature implemented
  • Append project feature added
  • User interface: new toolbar icons added, drag-n-drop support added for project files
30-nov-2014 DTM Data Generation SDK 1.55
  • New high performance Pattern Engine
  • New value library
  • Added DTM Data Generator 1.55 features support
25-nov-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.04
  • "Default project folder" option added
  • Project properties window added
  • New CSV format quoting options
25-nov-2014 DTM Schema Comparer 1.11
  • Better support MySQL schemas for procedures, functions and views
  • Windows 7/8 shell integration improved
  • New diagnostics and error handling module
20-nov-2014 DTM Dashboard 1.02.02 New project list format implemented
19-nov-2014 DTM Data Generator for Excel 1.01
  • New settings: $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format, backup on/off
  • Pattern engine and value library improvements
  • User interface: windows taskbar integration
  • New command line options
19-nov-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.03
  • New command line option: multiply project file support for console mode
  • Pattern engine enhancements for date and time expressions
  • Better support for Windows 7/8 taskbar
15-nov-2014 DTM Data Scrubber 1.15.01 Rule editor hotfix
11-nov-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.02.02 Better diagnostics for incorrect patterns
09-nov-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.28.01 PDF trailer output hotfix
04-nov-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.55.01 Date expression hotfix for column references
04-nov-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.02.01 Export structure to SQL hotfix for UTF16 output
04-nov-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.28
  • New project settings added for execution console management
  • Report Footer feature with custom style added
  • Project backup feature implemented
  • $EoP$ macro implemented for title and footer
04-nov-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.02
  • Show record size for "fixed width" format added
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format settings added
  • Project file backup (.BAK) feature added
  • Unicode version added for UTF-16 files generation
30-oct-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.27
  • Settings optimization for better report customizing
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format settings added
  • Limited support for UTF-8 and UTF-16 source text files added
26-oct-2014 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.00.05 Import sample JSON file process improved for random strings
25-oct-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.26.02 PDF output hotfix for wide column headers
23-oct-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.55
  • Better unique value generation for lists
  • "Clear" rule performance improvement
  • Better support for SQLite database connections
17-oct-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.26
  • PDF output customization options added: font size and landscape page orientation
  • The project can contain individual style options
  • Better support for "check saved" option
17-oct-2014 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.00.04 Import hotfix for nested nodes
16-oct-2014 DTM Test XML Generator 1.10.05 Preview page hotfix for complex nesting
06-oct-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25.17 Report options optimization.
04-oct-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25.15 Better support for parameters and macros in the report title
03-oct-2014 DTM Test XML Generator 1.10.04 SQL console hotfix
03-oct-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.01
  • Remove checked columns feature added
  • "Append mode" added to import procedure
  • Bulk column checking support implemented
02-oct-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.54.07 Unique data generation hotfix for "From Table" fill method
01-oct-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25.08 SQL Console export to Excel hotfix
24-sep-2014 DTM Schema Reporter 1.25.05 Minor PDF engine updates and hotfixes
23-sep-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25.05 PDF output hotfix for some fonts
22-sep-2014 DTM Data Editor 1.04.05 Better support for alternate splitters view
20-sep-2014 DTM Data Editor 1.04.04 Multiply connection management hotfix
20-sep-2014 DTM Query Reporter 1.25.04 Text/CSV file support hotfix
10-sep-2014 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.00.07 Connectivity improvements, date converter hotfix
10-sep-2014 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.00.02 Diagnostics module minor improvements
09-sep-2014 DTM Test XML Generator 1.10.03 Better support for exception handling
18-aug-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.00.04 Structure import feature minor improvements
06-aug-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.00.03 Add time operation hotfix for expression engine
06-aug-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.54.05 Expression engine hotfix, group support hotfix
27-jul-2014 DTM Data Comparer 1.23.01 HTML report title hotfix for Query to Query comparison mode
23-jul-2014 DTM SQL editor 2.05.02 MySQL connectivity and schema extracting improvements
23-jul-2014 DTM Schema Inspector 1.22.01 Better support for MySQL schemas: stored procedures, functions and indexes
23-jul-2014 DTM Data Comparer 1.23
  • "Query to query" comparison mode added
  • Plural mapping support implemented for Database Mode
  • "Diagnostics" module improved
19-jul-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.54.04 Regular expressions support improved
18-jul-2014 DTM Schema Comparer 1.10.18 MySQL native connectivity hotfix
11-jul-2014 DTM Dashboard 1.02
  • New project files support added
  • New "Tools" menu
  • Updated product's panel
11-jul-2014 DTM Data Generator for Excel 1.00.02 Command line parameters hotfix
11-jul-2014 DTM Flat File Generator 2.00.02 Minor GUI enhancements: tools menu, file association, command line switches
10-jul-2014 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.00 The software has been released
10-jul-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.54.03 Hotfix for $IncTime with short time formats
09-jul-2014 DTM Data Generator 1.54.02 Hotfix for $Date with nested $Vars
09-jul-2014 DTM Test XML Generator 1.10.02 File structure management hotfix, connectivity improvements
07-jul-2014 DTM Migration Kit 1.12.05 Migration rule logging improved fro "new only" mode