H2 2015 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
14-dec-2015 DTM Data Generator 1.57.03 Better boolean data type support for PostgreSQL
12-dec-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.08 Right spaces trim feature implementation hotfix
09-dec-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.15.05 "Node repeat" feature hotfix and improvements
07-dec-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.07 HTML report minor hotfixes
29-nov-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.15.04 Unicode 16 support hotfix
26-nov-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.02.03 Pattern engine hotfix for $RFloat function
09-nov-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.04
  • Context menu for columns selection was implemented
  • Better connection management
  • SQL Console history feature added
26-oct-2015 DTM Data Generation SDK 1.57
  • DTM Data Generator 1.57 features implemented
  • Cumulative data generation engine update
  • Cumulative value library update
26-oct-2015 DTM Data Generator 1.57
  • Blob Loader feature improved: better performance, process cancellation added, etc.
  • Database schema verification function improved
  • Cumulative upgrade for data generation engine
26-oct-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.06 Minor user interface simplification: extra buttons removed from toolbars
25-oct-2015 DTM Data Editor 1.04.09 Row list viewer hotfix for SQLite data files
14-oct-2015 DTM Data Generator 1.56.04 Pattern engine hotfix for $Inc function
14-oct-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.02.02 Pattern engine hotfix for format strings
13-oct-2015 DTM Data Generator 1.56.03 Minor user interface hotfixes. "Check for update" feature hotfix
07-oct-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.05 Excel comparison minor improvement: better support for national spreadsheet names
06-oct-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.04 Synchronization process improved for SQLite databases
06-oct-2015 DTM DB Stress 1.24.01 Minor user interface hotfixes
29-sep-2015 DTM Query Reporter 1.29.03 Toolbar and tooltips hotfixes
27-sep-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.03 "Database" mode hotfix for Unicode edition
27-sep-2015 DTM Data Editor 1.04.08 The record editor minor improvement
22-sep-2015 DTM File Factory 1.04.01 Cumulative 'common.dll' update
21-sep-2015 DTM Schema Comparer 1.11.04 "Check for update" feature hotfix
20-sep-2015 DTM Data Scrubber 1.15.04 Minor user interface hotfix for rule editor
20-sep-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.03.08 Better support NULL values processing for Frequency and Statistical reports report.
16-sep-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.03.06 Use interface hotfix for new project connection management.
14-sep-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.03.04 Performance hotfix for Frequency report.
10-sep-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.03.01 Performance improved for cluster finder. Frequency report hotfix.
06-sep-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.03
  • Better windows shell integration
  • Important diagnostics module update
  • User interface responsibility improved
  • Performance increased up to 50% for tables larger 200 000 rows
06-sep-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.05
  • Data generation engine updates: $Script function added, performance increased
  • Implemented "No CRLF" output mode
  • Better pattern engine help system integration
24-aug-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.02.01 Minor pattern engine performance hotfixes
10-aug-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.13.05 Model rendering hotfix
10-aug-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25.01 Excel report hotfix for orphaned rows presentation
05-aug-2015 DTM File Factory 1.04
  • user's interface improvements: menu, new hot keys, etc.
  • REST Call added as output mode
  • Pattern engine extension: $Script function added
04-aug-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.13.03 Entity/Table editor hotfix
04-aug-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.15.01 Diagnostics improved for pattern engine calls (custom generators)
02-aug-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.02
  • General and Statistics reports improvements: new column format, new items added
  • New report details in the value frequency report
  • Implemented DTM Data Editor integration
01-aug-2015 DTM Query Reporter 1.29
  • SQL Library integration implemented
  • Cumulative connectivity module update: SQLite, SQLAnywhere, etc
  • SQL autocomplete implementation improved
29-jul-2015 DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.01
  • Connectivity module update
  • Better support for reporting process cancellation
  • Cumulative user interface update
  • Performance improvements for common and sizes reports
28-jul-2015 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.01 Minor performance enhancements for HTML and CHM reports
27-jul-2015 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29
  • Better support "exclude" lists feature
  • Performance enhancements for list building procedure
  • Cumulative user's interface update
  • Syntax highlighting improvements for DDL statements (HTML format)
26-jul-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.13.02 Minor entity editor improvement
26-jul-2015 DTM Schema Reporter 1.28.11 Security report minor hotfix
24-jul-2015 DTM Schema Reporter 1.28.10 Minor user interface hotfix for database objects selection form
22-jul-2015 DTM DB Stress 1.24
  • DTM Data Editor integration implemented
  • Better SQL auto-complete feature support for task editor
  • Performance counters report management improved
16-jul-2015 DTM SQL editor 2.05.04 Cumulative connectivity module update
16-jul-2015 DTM Data Modeler 1.13.01 Main menu behavior hotfix
16-jul-2015 DTM DB Event 1.05.09 User interface hotfix for event editor
14-jul-2015 DTM Test XML Generator 1.15
  • Single file output mode
  • Pattern engine manual integration improved
  • Performance increased up to 20% for complex/nested XML structures
11-jul-2015 DTM Data Comparer 1.25
  • New macros $TableLeft$ and $TableRight$ added for report file name
  • New settings: default $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format
  • SQLite and SQL Anywhere support improved
07-jul-2015 DTM Data Scrubber 1.15.03 Connectivity module update for Oracle and SQLite
07-jul-2015 DTM Migration Kit 1.13
  • Implemented HTML project report
  • Better support bulk table migration
  • User interface changes: new hot keys, menu items, etc
05-jul-2015 DTM Data Generator for Excel 2.01
  • Import structure from sample Excel spreadsheet implemented
  • Excel Add-in edition has been released
  • Cumulative GUI and pattern engine update
04-jul-2015 DTM Flat File Generator 3.02
  • Better numeric value locale support
  • New row number formating mode
  • Import sample file structure process improved
04-jul-2015 DTM Schema Comparer 1.11.02 Cumulative schema reader update for SQLite and SQL Anywhere
01-jul-2015 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.04
  • REST API call as output method added
  • 'Single File' output option implemented
  • Added supplemental tools: Data Loaders for MongoDB, RavenDB and CouchDB
  • Diagnostics module enhancements implemented