H2 2017 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
01-dec-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.07 Preview hotfix for a few $Inc() function calls
27-nov-2017 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.06.08 Import sample JSON document hotfixes and improvements
24-nov-2017 DTM Data Comparer 1.26.09 Column with conversion mapping hotfix
22-nov-2017 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.12 Column comments saving hotfix
10-nov-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.06 Hotfix for nested $Format engine function calls
10-nov-2017 DTM Data Generator 2.01.01 "Test Connection" feature added for custom connections (by Table and By SQL fill methods)
07-nov-2017 DTM Data Generator 2.01
  • Schema verification process improved and accelerated
  • "Remove schema name" migration tool implemented
  • New project migration tool: change name capitalization
  • Cumulative data generation engine and value library update
06-nov-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.05 Pattern engine compiler cumulative hotfix
03-nov-2017 DTM Data Generator 2.00.28 Rule wizard improved for short columns recognition
01-nov-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.04 <...> lists performance improvement
22-oct-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.03 UTF8 support hotfix
13-oct-2017 DTM Data Generator 2.00.27 $ByExmaple function performance improved
13-oct-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.02 Memory leak hotfix for pattern engine
11-oct-2017 DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.06.07 Cumulative pattern engine update
10-oct-2017 DTM Data Scrubber 1.15.07 Minor user interface and performance hotfixes
22-sep-2017 DTM Flat File Generator 3.04.01 Unix style end of line marker implemented
14-sep-2017 DTM Test Data Generation SDK 2.00
  • DTM Data Generator 2.00 features compatibility improvements
  • Complete Unicode support released
  • Modern development environment support added
01-sep-2017 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.11 Better Unicode support, export definitions hotfix