H2 2019 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
20-DEC-2019 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.16 Connectivity module update for PostgreSQL, Excel and MySQL
15-DEC-2019 DTM File Factory 1.07.02 Engine call as repeater value implemented
04-DEC-2019 DTM File Factory 1.07.01 Template parser performance improvements
26-NOV-2019 DTM Flat File Generator 3.05
  • Cumulative data generation engine update
  • Path macros support in the output file names
  • Security and user interface fixes and improvements
26-NOV-2019 DTM File Factory 1.07
  • Project-level variables support added
  • Data generation engine update: path macros, etc
  • Performance improvements
16-NOV-2019 DTM File Factory 1.06.03 Connectivity update for 64 bit ODBC support
15-NOV-2019 DTM File Factory 1.06.02 Large Unicode template loader hotfix
14-NOV-2019 DTM Data Editor 1.05.11 The table information dialog improved
14-NOV-2019 DTM File Factory 1.06.01 Path macros support implemented for output folder and template file name
13-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.01.01 $Now function hotfix for timezone creation
13-NOV-2019 DTM File Factory 1.06
  • Important data generation engine update: new functions and options
  • Manually output encoding selection support added
  • Better support for UTF16 templates
12-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.01
  • Table information dialog new layout and improvement: show foreign keys
  • Important CHECK CONSTRAINT parser and analyzer patches
  • Better support cross schema master-detail references
  • $Const function added to the pattern engine
  • Rule wizard: 'bit', 'varbit', 'macaddr', 'cidr', 'inet', 'interval', 'bytea','time with timezone' data types support enhanced for PostgreSQL
  • Added PostgreSQL data types support: 'point' ,'line','lseg','box','path','polygon','circle'
11-NOV-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.21 Data type code added to the report
10-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.27 "time" and "smallmoney" data types recognition improvement.
09-NOV-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.20 Cumulative data type support update for SQL Server and MySQL
08-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.26 "hierarchyid" generation hotfix (SQL Server)
06-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.25 BIT and YEAR data types support hotfix (MySQL)
05-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.24 MySQL 'set' data type support improvements
04-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.23 Better support for MySQL 'enum' data type
03-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.22 Date and time conversion functions support improved
01-NOV-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.21 Text files support improved for $BLOB engine call
27-OCT-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.20 Fixed length output hotfix for incremental values
26-OCT-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.19 Value Library Manager integration improvements. Minor user interface updates.
26-SEP-2019 DTM Data Comparer 1.26.18 Better data type comparison support
23-SEP-2019 DTM Data Comparer 1.26.17 Mapping hotfix for some GUI settings
21-SEP-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.18 Cumulative Value Library Manager update
18-SEP-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.17 Access 2016 and newer transactions support fixes
16-SEP-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.15 OLE DB connectivity support improvements
14-SEP-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.14 Better support for fixed-length output files
19-AUG-2019 DTM Data Generator 3.00.13 OLE DB support improvements for modern Office formats
19-JUL-2019 DTM ODBC Manager 2.00.02 Log viewer access added to the user interface
17-JUL-2019 DTM Data Editor 1.05.10 User interface hotfix for connect via ODE DB provider
11-JUL-2019 DTM DB Stress 1.24.11 HTML reporting improvements and fixes for performance counters
07-JUL-2019 DTM DB Stress 1.24.10 Reporting hotfix for high performance systems
06-JUL-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.19 Firebird/Interbase schema management improvements
06-JUL-2019 DTM Data Editor 1.05.09 Performance hotfix. Better column quoting for Firebird and Interbase
04-JUL-2019 DTM Schema Reporter 1.29.17 The column list refresh function added