H2 2020 News List

Date Product Version News or Changes
29-NOV-2020 DTM Schema Reporter 1.30
  • Cumulative connectivity module update
  • Better schema management support for modern MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Performance improvements and fixes for schema information extraction
29-NOV-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.11 Better non-public schemas support for PostgreSQL 12 and 13
27-NOV-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.10 Pattern engine performance hotfix for $if and $ifR functions
26-NOV-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.09 Probablity calculation hotfix pattern engine calls
09-NOV-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.08 Connectivity and parser hotfix for SQL Server
26-OCT-2020 DTM Data Modeler 1.15
  • "Ignore schemas" option implemented
  • Reverse engineering options window: better schema loading support, UI improvements
  • Area management dialog redesigned and improved
  • Minor design improvements: data type editor and stored procedure editor dialogs
21-OCT-2020 DTM DB Stress 1.24.13 Performance counters report hotfix
18-OCT-2020 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.18 Welcome screen improvements
16-OCT-2020 DTM Migration Kit 1.13.17 Connectivity update for multischema migrations
14-OCT-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.06 Cumulative update for CSV/TSV output. Fixes.
11-OCT-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.05 Scramble mode hotfix for text-only output
10-OCT-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.04 Better views and database schemas support in the Rule Wizard
06-OCT-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.03 "Formula or expression" mode bugfix
02-OCT-2020 DTM DB Stress 1.24.12 Better support for "Use Parser" option. Bugfixes.
23-AUG-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.02 User interface hotfix for new non-data rules
08-AUG-2020 DTM Data Comparer 1.27.02 Cumulative fixes for reporting subsystem
28-JUL-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02.01 Null values support hotfix for small patten engine results
01-JUL-2020 DTM Data Generator 3.02
  • Rule Wizard: better support for PostgreSQL and MySQL data types and literals
  • Database schema management performance improvements
  • Variables and macros resolution in the prologue and epilogue scripts
  • Implemented support for comments-only scripts
01-JUL-2020 DTM Data Comparer 1.27
  • New project properties window design, minor UI fixes
  • New report features (column in rows, etc)
  • Performance improvements