About the database structure navigation and management utility

DTM Schema Inspector Online Help is a set of database schema management tools that let you work with database schemas more effectively. The Schema Inspector allows you to:

  • access database schema information for various data sources simultaneously.
  • create, save, load and view schema snapshots.
  • view and export texts for database objects.
  • view properties of the objects.
  • observe and export tables' and views' data (text, SQL, XML, HTML, Microsoft Excel).
  • export database schema as a set of the SQL statements for the data source or selected database.
  • search database objects by name, type, database name and objects text.
  • filtering options for database object trees (by name, type, database name or objects text).
  • drop and rename database objects, enable/disable triggers.
  • view access rights for tables, columns and views.

The software product allows the user to view lists of

  • tables with indexes, primary and foreign keys.
  • access rights for tables and columns.
  • system tables.
  • views or queries.
  • synonyms.
  • users (for MS SQL, Sybase and Oracle data sources).
  • databases (for MS SQL and Sybase data sources).
  • stored procedures
  • extended stored procedures (for MS SQL Server).
  • triggers (MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, and Interbase).
  • data types.
  • defaults (for MS SQL and Sybase).
  • rules (for MS SQL and Sybase data sources).
  • roles and server roles (for MS SQL Server).
  • type (insert, update, etc) and status (enabled or disabled) of the triggers (MS SQL Server and Oracle).

DTM Schema Inspector Online Help: main window