Database objects tree

The object tree in the left part of the window can contain any number of database schemas. Use the "Add data source" button (or press Ctrl+A) on the program toolbar or select the corresponding item from the File menu to add a new database schema to the tree. You can remove schemata that you do not need any more from the tree. To do that, select the root of the schema you want to remove in the tree and select the "Remove from tree" item (or press Ctrl+D) from the File menu.

You can refresh the tree content by using the corresponding button on the toolbar. Remember that the schema gets to the end of the tree when the tree is refreshed.

The program automatically saves the connection information (the interface type, the data source name, the user name (login) and password) for data sources, if you set the option "Save/restore active connections" in the Settings window. In that case, when the program is launched, it automatically restores the connection with the specified data sources.

See also: operations