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Q: What is the easiest way to place table data into MS Excel spreadsheet format?

A: Right click one the window with the table's data and select "Export". Select "Excel" as your export format.

Q: Are there easy ways to publish the table or view data on the Web?

A: Use HTML export feature. Right click on the window with the rows and select "Export". The program saves data in the very basic format, so we recommend you to employ some more powerful HTML authoring tool to edit the data afterwards.

DTM Schema Inspector Online Help: Execution results context menu

Tips. Did you know...

You can use right mouse button to get access to the context menu in schema tree, data view, and other windows.

You can select rows, columns or set of cells in the results grid using left mouse button and drag.

You can view Binary Large Objects as binary or as hexadecimal. View "Settings" for more details...

The program can visualize NULL data values as empty strings or as "NULL" strings. See program options for detailed information...