Q : Some file types are disabled in the "Connect To File" dialog box.
A : Most likely, the required driver is not installed. You must install it to get access to this type of data.

Q : Do the products support MySQL?
A : Yes. You need to visit the site www.mysql.com, download the ODBC driver and install it because it is not included in the default installation package for this database.

Q : DSN Information window shows empty and null values for all fields.
A : This option is supported only for ODBC data sources and only after a successfully established connection.

Q : Can the program use JDBC drivers?
A : No. Only Multiplatform runtime of DTM Data Generator supports JDBC.

Q : How to copy the information about a connection to another PC?
A : Use the save and load profiles feature. This feature is supported in most of our products. In other cases, the program itself saves this information into a project file.

Q : Can I work with SQLite database using these tools?
A : Yes, but you have to install ODBC driver for SQLite and configure data source name (DSN).

Q : Do the products disconnect from the database during inactivity period?
A : No. All tools except DTM Migration Kit work in the mode of permanent connection. It means that once they connect to the database at the connect command, they save connection opened until you exit the program or until the user disconnects.

If you have encountered some unusual problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact the technical support.