Q : Can I synchronize left side database?
A : No only right (secondary) size database can be modified. You should reconnect databases to change order.

Q : I have different date format in the databases to be compared. How to prepare comparison process in this case?
A : Just run it. The program recognizes and converts dates to the suitable format for most cases.
However, it can't compare months by name for different languages. You should use manual conversion in this case.

Q : I have values with the only difference is a number of spaces. Can the tool help me?
A : Yes, you should switch on 'show spaces as dot' option.

Q : Can I compare or synchronize only part of the tables?
A : Yes, you can define WHERE clause for both tables. The comparison tool will take specified rows only.

Q : Can I get synchronization SQL script instead of actual synchronization?
A : Yes, the program generates it and allows the user to save the script to file.

Q : My database shows NULL values as empty strings. Can the comparison tool handle this behavior?
A : Yes, you should switch on "empty string equals NULL" option.

Q : Can I modify synchronization value that will be stored into target database?
A : Yes, you can do it using the mapping window. Only built-in functions of the target database system can be applied.

Q : Can I compare three tables at once with DTM Data Comparer?
A : No, the program operates with two tables or two databases only.

Q : Can the data comparison software compare my table structure as well?
A : No, we offer DTM Schema Comparer for this purpose.

Q : Can the comparison tool rollback the synchronization on error?
A : Yes, please switch on "Rollback on error mode" and specify enough transaction size.

Q : Are there limitations for tables to be compared location?
A : No, the tables can be located in the same or different databases, at the same or different servers or even the same or different sites. Moreover, the user can compare tables of the different database systems or desktop files.