Q : How to scroll the row list to record #400?
A : Open the list's context menu and select "Go to row" command. Ctrl+G hot key is also available.

Q : Can I redistribute the editor with our corporate solution?
A : OEM license is required for this purpose. Please contact our support team for details.

Q : The primary key is disabled to edit in the program. Any way to change it?
A : Please enable related options at the settings window: "editable primary key" and, if necessary, "editable identity/counter".

Q : I made a few changes in my database. Has the editor any kind of changes log?
A : Yes, but you have to switch it on in the settings before changes. It will save executed SQL statements to the .SQL file.

Q : I need to exclude 'system' schema from the objects tree, please assist.
A : You should open settings window, add 'system' to "ignore schemas" list and rerun the software.

Q : Is it possible to clear stored preferences for my connection? I need to assign another PK-FK associations.
A : Yes. Open "Tools-View Options" menu item and select connection to clear. Click "Remove" button and reload the data editor.

Q : I need to move view options to my new PC. How to do that?
A : Just copy current "de.ini" file to new location. Please be sure that you have enough access rights to do the copy.

Q : I could not find the log file. Please help!
A : Open settings window and find "Log location" field. If the field is empty the program stores log file in the product's directory.