Q : How to check that column value is out of range?
A : Use "in range" together with "not" modifier.

Q : Can I create a new report for each verification execution?
A : Yes, use $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros in the report file name.

Q : How can I trim right spaces for all column values?
A : You should create "unconditional" clearing rule with "trim right" as action.

Q : Is it possible to stop clearing when some condition reached?
A : Yes, it is "terminate rule" option. You should switch it on.

Q : Can I use wrong value in the clearing action?
A : Yes, it is %VALUE% macro.

Q : How can I identify required row in action SQL script?
A : You can use %WHERE% macro. Example:

update "Order Details" set Discount=%VALUE%*2 %WHERE%