Q : How to compare my two tables only?
A : Check them in the both trees and run "Compare Checked Items".

Q : How to change a size of the script comparison part of the window?
A : The program has a special window for script comparison. It can be opened by F4 hot key.

Q : I want to use my own script comparison program instead of built-in. Is it possible?
A : Yes. Open "settings" windows and specify "external text comparison tool".

Q : I want to compare part of the schema with "_payment" suffix in the name. How to do that?
A : Open project properties and enter "_payment" string to "show only objects with..." field.

Q : I want to compare schemas from different user spaces (schemas). Is it possible to ignore schema name?
A : Yes, just switch on "ignore owner/schema" option at the settings window.

Q : Is it possible to compare "Table" and "TABLE" as equal names?
A : Yes, please switch off "Name are case sensitive" option at the settings window.

Q : I could not run the comparer with AT command. Any ideas?
A : Be sure that you provide a full path to the executable and quote it right if spaces are present in the path.