Q : How can I add empty rows to the target file?
A : Open Settings window and define empty rows share.

Q : Is it possible to generate a file greater 4GByte?
A : Yes, NTFS file system is required.

Q : How many rows can be generated for one test file?
A : About 9 223 372 036 854 775 807 rows per project execution.

Q : Is it possible to create a file with complex/different row structure?
A : You should create a few project files with same target file and "append" mode.

Q : Can I convert old (1.x) project file to the new format (2.x+)?
A : No, please recreate it.

Q : The generator creates dates in the wrong format. How to fix that?
A : Please define correct date and time formats at the Settings window. For the already created project you have to change format manually.

Q : Can I run my project by schedule?
A : Yes, with console mode.

Q : I have a long-time job and want to limit CPU loading. Is it possible?
A : Yes, use -1 command line switch. The program will use only one CPU or kernel in this case.

Q : I want to create a database table for my file. Can the generator help me with?
A : Yes, it can export structure as CREATE TABLE statement. Moreover, you can run it using built-in SQL console.

Q : How to add a country prefix to the phone number to be generated?
A : Use this pattern +N \(NNN\) NNNNNNN or something like +<1|2|3|4> \(NNN\) NNNNNNN for limited areas.