Q : The generator does not recognize master-detail relationship automatically. What can I do ?
A : Try to specify owner/schema name at the connect window or remove it if already specified.
A : Some databases and data formats do not support this feature at all: text files, DBF files, early MySQL versions, etc.

Q : How can I specify column-to-column data dependencies?
A : There are three ways: "by formula" fill method for server side, "Group" feature and "By Group" functions of the pattern engine. You should select optimal way according to your needs.

Q : Can the generator remove existing rows from my database before population by test data?
A : Yes. Please use "Clear" rule for this purpose.

Q : Can I run the generator at Linux system?
A : It is a windows application. You can try to run it under a virtual machine with Microsoft Windows only.
A : The project execution feature is available in DTM Data Generator Multiplatform Runtime.

Q : It works too slow for me. What can I do ?
A : Switch the generator to "performance" mode by -p command line parameter.
A : Read the related article and optimize your rules.

Q : I want to add new values to Value Library. Is it possible?
A : Yes. It is Microsoft Access 2000 data file or SQLite 3 data file depends on the product version and platform. You can add values to existing tables as well as create new data sets.
A : Moreover, you can use your own custom Value Library. See "Settings" page for details.

Q : I can see "Plug-ins" menu item of the main menu. What does it mean?
A : You can use plug-in modules for DTM SQL editor to extend general product functions like SQL console.

Q : The generator does not allow me to enter decimal places. What is wrong?
A : The program could not recognize your field as a number, decimal, float, etc. If you have integer field, the generator does not show "decimal places" edit box.

Q : My Oracle database does not accept generated dates. Any solutions?
A : Open "Settings - Date and Time" page and use "Date Conversion function" like to_date('%s','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')

Q : I need test XML documents. Does DTM Data generator suitable for me?
A : It depends on data complexity and XML structure source. We recommend using DTM Data Generator if you have flat XML structure based on database table only. DTM Test XML Generator is recommended for other cases.

Q : The program generates years after 1950 only. How to fix that?
A : Open "Settings - Date and Time" page and extend range for the years.

Q : Is is possible to use my own Perl script for column data generation?
A : Yes, just use "by script" fill method and provide links to the Perl interpreter and the script.

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