Q : I've used two connections for all rules. How to create rules with predefined connection information?
A : Just define them at the settings or project properties window.

Q : I need to decide run next rule after execution of the previous. Is it possible?
A : Yes, it is "Debug" mode.

Q : What recommended rule sequence for complex schema and data migration.
A : It depends on relationships. We recommend to copy: procedures and functions, tables without foreign keys, data rows, foreign keys and triggers.

Q : Can I use OLE DB connections with Migration Kit?
A : No, it supports only ODBC, IDAPI, and OCI connections now.

Q : I can't run the program in command line mode. What should I check?
A : Please be sure that project file is quoted. Example: MK.EXE -s -r "d:\My Migration Projects\ExportTasks.mkp"

Q : Does the data type mapping mandatory step of the migration?
A : No, the program will map types by code if you keep mapping table empty.

Q : How can I copy procedures only with Schema Migration rule?
A : Use "selected tables" mode without any table selection and check on "Stored procedures" option.