Q : Does the program really free?
A : Yes, if you do not want to redistribute the software or need .MSI installer for corporate/silent installation. Also, you should order business license if have to use more than 5 copies of the tool in your company or organization.

Q : The program said, "the network path was not found". Any suggestion?
A : Please be sure that "Remote Registry" service is running at the both systems (i.e. local and remote) and you have enough access rights.

Q : Does the program support console mode?
A : Yes, please read about 'e' and 'i' command line switches.

Q : How can I redistribute the manager with my solution?
A : You have to order OEM licenses for this purpose. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Q : I want to install the software at about 1000 systems. How to automate the installation process?
A : We offer Business pack for enterprise/corporate use. It contains .MSI (Windows Installer) files. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Q : Can I access source code?
A : The manager is freeware but not Open Source. The source code is not available for end users.