Database Utilities PDF Manuals

Product Description Download Size
DTM SQL Editor A set of powerful database management tools SqlEditor.pdf 3.5 Mb
DTM Data Generator Test data generator. DG.PDF 3.8 Mb
DTM Data Generator for Excel Test Excel file generator. DGXLS.PDF 1.3 Mb
DTM Test XML Generator Test XML document file generator. XMLDG.PDF 1.3 Mb
DTM Data Generator for JSON Test JSON document file generator. DGJSON.PDF 1.3 Mb
DTM Flat File Generator Test file generator with tabular structure: text, CSV, fixed width. FlatFileGen.pdf 1.6 Mb
DTM File Factory Template based test file generator for non-tabular structures. ffct.pdf 0.6 Mb
DTM Schema Reporter A reporting tool for database schema. SR.PDF 2.3 Mb
DTM Migration Kit A simple yet powerful data import, export and migration tool. MK.PDF 1.5 Mb
DTM Data Editor A form based data viewer and editor. DE.PDF 1.4 Mb
DTM DB Stress A utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. STRESS.PDF 2.0 Mb
DTM Data Modeler A CASE tool for database developers. DM.PDF 2.0 Mb
DTM Data Scrubber A set of intelligent tools for data verification (audit) and scrubbing (cleaning). SCR.PDF 1.4 Mb
DTM Data Comparer A visual tool for data comparison and synchronization. DCMP.PDF 2.3 Mb
DTM Schema Comparer A tool for database schemas comparison and synchronization. SCMP.PDF 1.5 Mb
DTM Query Reporter A reporting tool for database query. QR.PDF 1.4 Mb
DTM Schema Inspector A database schema browsing and management tool. SI.PDF 1.6 Mb
DTM DB Event A database monitoring and management tool. EVENT.PDF 1.5 Mb