Q : Can I create single HTML and HTML frame-set outputs per one execution?
A : No, you have to create 2 projects or run the reporter twice with different HTML output options.

Q : I run the report by schedule. Is it possible to create a new name for each execution?
A : Yes, $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros must be used as a part of the file name for this case.

Q : I've 12 value files and target HTML files depend on month. Should I create 12 project files or there is an easy way?
A : You can specify value file and output file as command line parameters using -v and -o switches.

Q : The program can't load SQL query from the file provided with -s command line switch. What is wrong?
A : Be sure that you have quoted file name like -s"d:\My sql scripts\query.sql"

Q : I need to run the same query against 4 databases. How to automate this function?
A : You should save connection properties as "connection profiles" from Connect Window and use them with -@ command line switch.

Q : Can I run two copies of the reporting tool at once?
A : Yes but all settings will be common. And the copies have to use different output files to avoid collisions.

Q : The program shows wrong symbols in HTML report instead of my language letters, how to fix?
A : Open "Settings" Page and select or enter manually "Character Set" and "Language" parameters. Please contact us if you do not know suitable values.

Q : Can I change the design of the report?
A : Yes, please find TMPL/HEAD.HTML file in the product directory and modify required CSS items.

Q : When I try to open the .XLS report Excel shows "The file format differs from the format that the file name extension specifies" message.
A : The following article describes how to disable it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948615.