Q : Can I run the software under Virtual Machine?
A : Yes.

Q : Can I run the software on Windows 8 and 10?
A : Yes, but in the desktop mode only. It is not a Metro (Modern UI) Application.

Q : Does the software compatible with Remote Desktop?
A : Yes, but at least 800x600 window resolution is recommended.

Q : Do you offer native 64 bit versions of the tools?
A : Yes for most of them. It can be downloaded from Customer Area. Please contact us with your order#.

Q : Can I run the software on Unix or Linux systems?
A : Currently, only runtime for DTM Data Generator is available for these platforms as well as for Mac OS. Please contact us for details.
However, all our tools can access databases located at Unix/Linux over communication protocols.

If you have encountered some unusual problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact the technical support.