Q : Are there limitations for multiformat output feature?
A : We only do not recommend use HTML and Windows HTML Help output at once.

Q : Must I have a copy of MS Word to create schema report in DOC format?
A : No, it is not required.

Q : Can I specify any non-Latin character set for HTML and CHM report?
A : Yes, but for these reports only. Also, this version of the tool supports only English Table Of Content of Windows Html Help.

Q : Can I change report headers, titles, and notes.
A : Yes, look into ENGLISH.INI or string profile you have instead.

Q : Can I provide another table descriptions for statistics report than schema report?
A : Yes, with Professional version only.

Q : How I can create Excel compatible report without excel?
A : Try to use text output but specify .XLS as a file extension. In most cases Excel will open this file correctly.

Q : After an update the main window of the program looks wrong. How to fix that?
A : Please keep "Shift" button pressed once when you run the program. It will switch to default size and location.

Q : The program does not include "Add constraint" statement to the report. What's wrong?
A : To add it you should use "With DDL statement" option at the table level.