Q : I connected to the database, but the table list is empty. What should I do?
A : Probably, you have specified a wrong schema (owner) name when you were connecting: the selected schema does not contain any tables or you don't have rights to view this list. Establish connection again with a different parameter or leave it blank (it this case you will see all tables in all schemas).

Q : How can I find an object in the schema tree?
A : Point to the necessary node and type the first characters of the name without blank spaces - the cursor will point to the necessary object. Also, DTM Data Editor supports filters for the objects list: in the program settings you can specify a substring that the name of a table or a view should contain to be shown in the list.

Q : How can I generate a report for database schema?
A : DTM Schema Reporter is a most suitable tool for this purpose. However, basic reporting features are also included in DTM SQL editor and DTM Data Modeler.

Q : I need to copy my database schema. What tool can help me?
A : Please try out DTM Migration Kit. It offers flexible "Schema Migration" rule that can help you co copy schema and even automate this process.

If you have encountered some unusual problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact the technical support.