Q : Can I upgrade my DTM SQL editor copy from Professional to Enterprise version?
A : Yes. You can upgrade Professional to Enterprise, Standard to Enterprise or Standard to Professional. Please contact our support support@sqledit.com for detailed information.

Q : I've upgraded my PC and need copy execution history from the old system to new one. How to do that?
A : You should use free "Save/Load history" plug-in module.

Q : Please could you recommend any easy way to share SQL code fragments for our team?
A : Yes. Please try to create "SQL Library" and place it one the shared network drive.

Q : Is it possible to view all my SQL server databases in the database schema three?
A : You should use empty "database name" field on the Connect Window for this purpose.

Q : Can I view DTM Schema Inspector's snapshots in the SQL editor?
A : Yes, you can do that.

Q : Can I find my stored procedure over all SQL server databases?
A : Yes, just keep "database name" empty on the Find object window.

Q : Can I find my stored procedure by SQL statement substring?
A : Yes, you should enter the substring on the Find object window ("contains text" box).

Q : I need to export schema with ';' statement separators. How to do that?
A : The statement separator can be defined on the Settings window.