Q : How many concurrent threads I can execute with the tool?
A : It depends on your environment. Windows limit is about 2000 threads.

Q : Can I use custom performance counter with "Performance Counters" plug-in?
A : Yes. You should enter a name of the counter manually: "\group\counter".

Q : I have very complex SQL statement as task definition. The program splits it into a few parts. How to avoid that?
A : Try to switch off "use SQL parser" check box at the task definition panel.

Q : Can I specify a different connection for each task of the project?
A : Yes, with Professional or Enterprise edition only.

Q : I have two tasks in my project but the stress tool do nothing when I press run. What is happen?
A : Please be sure that at least one task has "enabled" status. The program executes enabled tasks only.

Q : Can I specify dependencies between parameters with built-in data generator?
A : You can use "by group" functions but can't refer to another column or parameter value directly.

Q : Where data generator's pattern engine defined?
A : Online manual. The offline copy is included into installation file.

Q : Can I specify the login and password for remote system for my performance counter?
A : No, Windows system does not allow to do that. You must have all related access rights.

Q : I can't find OCI interface in the x64 build of the stress tool. How to use this connection mode?
A : Unfortunately, currently available x64 version of the tool supports 64-bit ODBC connections only.