Q : Do you provide phone support?
A : No. Most questions require detailed examination by our experts (consulting with product developers and QA staff), and sometimes there is a need for creating special test jobs, so it's impossible to answer you immediately. The best way to ask us a question is by e-mail or using the on-line form.

Q : My message to support@sqledit.com has been rejected by the antispam filter. What can I do ?
A : Try to use online form or to send your message to support@dtmsoft.com or to dtmsoft@gmail.com.

Q : Do you offer premium support level?
A : Yes, please contact our support team for SLA details.

Q : Do you provide support for a weekend?
A : Only for premium support level and for customers with custom SLA.

Q : May I ask for a feature or option to be added?
A : Please send your request to out support team.

Q : I've 10 licenses of the software. May I renew 4 of them only?
A : No.

Q : Should I order support and upgrade with the software product?
A : The first year is already included in the price you can see. Read more about support and upgrade.

Q : Where is support forum located?
A : http://dtm.sqledit.com/forum3/.

Q : Should I pay for support and upgrades after the first year of use?
A : No, it is optional. Your license is lifetime. You have to pay if you need to access new versions or technical support only.

If you have encountered some unusual problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact the technical support.