Q : I need test XML documents. What the tool is suitable for me?
A : It depends on data complexity and structure source. We recommend to use DTM Data Generator if you have flat XML structure based on database table and DTM Test XML Generator for any other case.

Q : How to generate a few XML documents with different structure at once?
A : The simplest way is to create a few project files and batch file with execution all of them. The generator supports command line mode for this purpose.

Q : I have a problem with XML Schema import. The result seems incorrect.
A : Please contact our support team with sample file and problem definition. We'll fix the problem shortly.

Q : Is it possible to import a few structures to combine them in one document?
A : Yes, "insert" import mode is available as well as "replace".

Q : Is default database connection mandatory?
A : No, it requires for some pattern engine functions only ($Query, $Table, $TableGroup, etc).

Q : How can I use another XML document as a source for some node?
A : Please use $XML function for this purpose. The "custom generator" must be selected from generators menu.

Q : Is it possible to use Excel spreadsheet for node population?
A : The $Excel function of the pattern engine helps you with.

Q : I have DTD for my document structure. How can I use it?
A : Unfortunately this version of the XML generator can't import structure from DTD.

Q : Can I generate my set of XML documents by schedule?
A : Yes, please use command line mode with Windows Scheduler.

Q : Can the software produce XML documents lager than 4 GByte?
A : Yes, you should use NTFS file system for destination file.

Q : Can I import project file from DTM Data Generator?
A : No, the project files have different structure.