Q : How to redownload or renew my copy of the software?
A : Please contact our support staff at support@sqledit.com for Customer Area login and password.

Q : How can I find out that the new version of a product is released?
A : Use the "Tools->Check for Updates" menu item that all our products have.

Q : Can I upgrade one suite to another?
A : It depends on suite. For example, you can upgrade "Test Tools Professional" to "Test Tools Enterprise" but can't to "Schema Tools".

Q : Is it possible to upgrade my Professional license of the tool to Enterprise edition?
A : Yes, please contact us with your order#.

Q : Do you offer Competitive Upgrades?
A : Yes, please contact us with detailed information about the currently used tool: vendor, product, version, etc.

If you have encountered some unusual problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact the technical support.