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Information presentation and modification

Database Schema View option Modification option
Database Object Hierarchy DTM SQL editor, DTM Schema Inspector
DTM Data Editor *)
DTM Data Modeler *)
DTM Schema Comparer *)
(Word, HTML, text, XML, CHM, PDF, Excel)
DTM Schema Reporter N/A
Comparison and synchronization DTM Schema Comparer N/A
Entity-Relationships Model DTM SQL editor
DTM Schema Reporter
DTM Data Generator
DTM Data Modeler
Data View option Modification option
Data Grid DTM Data Editor
DTM SQL editor
DTM Data Comparer
DTM Data Editor
(Word, HTML, text, XML)
DTM SQL editor,
DTM Migration Kit
DTM Query Reporter
Import/Migration DTM Migration Kit
Comparison and Synchronization DTM Data Comparer N/A
SQL statements DTM SQL editor DTM SQL editor

Options and Features

Option/Feature Supported by
Export: query resultsDTM SQL editor
DTM Migration Kit
DTM Query Reporter
Export: table rowsDTM SQL editor
DTM Migration Kit
Export: a few tablesDTM Migration Kit
Export Automation, bulk exportDTM Migration Kit
Data Import, Import AutomationDTM Migration Kit
Data/Schema MigrationDTM Migration Kit
Database for testing populationDTM Data Generator
Test XML data generationDTM Test XML Generator
Sample Excel file generationDTM Data Generator for Excel
Test JSON file generationDTM Data Generator for JSON
Data and BLOBs modificationDTM Data Editor
Data AuditDTM Data Scrubber
Data Cleaning/ScrubbingDTM Data Scrubber
Data ComparisonDTM Data Comparer
Data SynchronizationDTM Data Comparer
Database Schema ComparisonDTM Schema Comparer
Database Schema SynchronizationDTM Schema Comparer
Statistical Data AnalyzeDTM Database Content Analyzer
Database Stress TestingDTM DB Stress
DTM Data Generator *)

* - partial supported