Data Export Tool Overview

Multidimensional Export Tool for Excel is a handy tool that helps analysts to extract data from Excel spreadsheet to multi-dimensional format. The software extracts data facts and dimension values from the spreadsheet and saves to XML, JSON or text/CSV format as well as loads the data to database table for aggregation or analyze directly.

This function prepares source data to analyze with OLAP tools those can operate with a multi-dimensional presentation of data only. For example, if you have sales from a few sources (shops, departments, divisions, etc.) as a matrix with the source in columns with a date and the product name in rows our software helps you to transform this matrix to flat table that can be aggregated by any dimension: date, source and/or product.

Also, the export tool is suitable for bulk matrix data conversion. Once describe the file format and save it as a schema, the user is enabled to apply it to any number of source spreadsheet with the same structure. It is a helpful function for companies with distributed net of departments that requires data consolidation. Each department can send Excel spreadsheet with local data and Multidimensional Export Tool for Excel collects them to common store.

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Key Features

  • Supports all modern Excel versions starting 2007.
  • Essy to use. It allows the user to define facts and dimensions areas by a few mouse clicks only
  • Rich preview for source spreadsheet.
  • Visual dimensions and facts editor.
  • Supports text, JSON and XML output formats.
  • Allows to load facts to database directly with column mapping feature.
  • Multidimensional Export Tool for Excel is a .NET application that supports Windows Vista/7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003 or newer.