Database Mode User Interface

This mode allows the user to select a few database tables to be compared at one project execution.
The database mode user interface contains three panels with table lists and a few buttons.
The list at the left side contains primary connection's tables. The list in the middle describes table associations. The right list contains secondary connection's tables. The program will compare associated tables only. It will iterate the middle list and compare or synchronize tables. The indicators under left and right list show number of associated tables and all tables in the connected database schema.

There are four buttons to operate with table associations. They are:

  1. "Auto map" - it links tables from the left and right list by exact name matching.
  2. "Map" associates two selected tables from left and right lists.
  3. "Unmap" removes selected association from the middle list.
  4. "Clear All" removes all present associations.

The program uses four icons to show each associated table pair status. The "refresh" icon (DTM Data Comparer: refresh icon) means comparison not executed yet.
The green icon (DTM Data Comparer: green icon) corresponds to equal tables, red (DTM Data Comparer: red icon) to different and yellow (DTM Data Comparer: problem icon) means orphaned rows found.

Note: the associated tables are marked by the green icon (DTM Data Comparer: green icon) when not associated marked by the red (DTM Data Comparer: red icon) one.

DTM Data Comparer: Database mode user interface

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