Comparison Settings
Field size to be compared*The program compares only first N specified bytes of long string and text objects8192
Trim right spacesThe program considers values like "1 " and "1" as equal if this option is switched onNo
Ignore quotationIf this option is switched on the program considers 'abc' and abc strings as the same value.No
Null values are not identicalIf this option is turned on the program consider any NULL as unique value that not equals another NULL valueNo
Empty string equals NULLThe program considers empty string equals NULL if this option is switched onNo
Show different rows onlyIt allows you to see only different records during compare or synchronization. This option can save a bit of memory for large tables compare.No
Show warning for large tableThe program recommends changing visualization mode if the option is switched on for large tablesOn
Disable collation coordinationThe program disables collation and sort mode coordination feature if this option is switched onOff
Use same Where for secondary*If the option is switched on the program applies WHERE clause from the left side to right side automaticallyNo
Create SCHEMA.INIThe user have to switch this option off for fixed width files only.On
Apply conversion expressionThe program will apply conversion expression from mapping if this option is switched on. Otherwise, conversion will be used for synchronization only.Off
Show 'order by' warningThe data comparison software will show warning id query contains no 'order by' clause that required for correct comparison.Yes
Color schemaThis option allows the user to change data** grid background colors for equal, different and orphaned rows*Red, Green and Yellow

* - option requires the program reload.

** - to change color for HTML report the user have to modify CSS in "head.html" file.

DTM Data Comparer: Comparison settings page