User Interface Settings
Show views in table listAllows the user to select view to compareNo
Show synonyms in table listAllows the user to select synonym to compareNo
Show spaces as 'dot sign'This option makes string presentation more visibleNo
Show not mapped columnsIf this option is switched off the program will hide columns not included in the mapping in the data grid, report and face-to-face viewYes
Show data type compatibility warningShould or no the comparer show warning for incompatible data types comparison. For example "integer" and "date".Yes
Mapping remove confirmationThe program will show warning before column mapping or table association removingYes
Show N bytes of long stringsThe program will truncate strings longer this value in the data grid and comparison report. Actual string size to be compared is defined by "Field Size..." option.250 bytes
Horizontal Sync ScrollingSwitches synchronous navigationNo
Vertical Sync ScrollingSwitches synchronous navigationYes
Show collate selection windowSelects mode of "collate window"."If necessary" mode
Script size for warningThe program will show the warning for scripts larger than the specified number.500 000 statements
SQL statement visualization sizeThe program will truncate view for statements at the script preview window.1000 symbols

DTM Data Comparer: User interface settings page