Comparison Report

The program can create HTML, XML or Excel comparison report. The user can specify product level output file at the settings window or project level one at the project properties window. In both cases $TableLeft$ (primary table name with schema/owner if present), $TableRight$ (secondary table name), $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros are acceptable as a part of the file name.

There are three report modes: rows and totals, rows only and totals only. The report file location can be defined at the project level or product level.

The program can open report automatically after comparison complete if related option is switched on.

Table to table mode report contains three sections: general information, data rows comparison results and statistics. The first section collects information about project, database connections, project's author, etc. The second section shows comparison results with a number of rows, column names, and values. The third block of data shows number or rows, the number of equal rows and other statistics.

The report for database mode has same general information section and the pair of data rows and statistics blocks for each compared or synchronized tables.

Note: if the mapping present, the program includes no columns without mapping to the comparison report.

See also: report customization.