Comparison Project Properties

This window helps the user to define custom comparison report file, Excel report file, and custom synchronization script file. If the values not specified the DB sync tool uses corresponding options from the Settings Window. That means project properties have higher priority than values specified at Settings window. It allows the user to have a few projects with the different report and/or script files.
Also, you can define optional project's author and description.

To create rollback SQL script the user should specify related file name. The rollback script allows users to remove synchronization results and back table to the original state.

Also, this windows helps the user to define SQL optional scripts known as "prologue" and "epilogue". The comparer will run the scripts before and after synchronization against the target (secondary) database. The "Run always" option allows executing script or both scripts for comparison as well.

DTM Data Comparer: Project Properties window

See also: Product Settings.