Table to Table comparison mode

In this mode program's window has two zones: primary and secondary. In each zone, the user can specify the table and WHERE* clause, if necessary.
Also, each zone has the data grid that shows table content or comparison results.

The information line is located at the bottom of the window. It allows the user to view:

  • A number of rows in the table, when data grid is populated by data rows.
  • Primary key size (number of columns in the key).
  • A number of mapped columns.
  • A number of columns in the table.

Last three values united to one information panel like 5/40/50.

*) "Where" option allows the user to limit rows to be compared or synchronized.
The clause should be entered without "where" keyword, example: ID <1000
The $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros can be user as a part of the clause, for example: OrderDate = '$DATE$'

The comparison indicator between data grids shows number of equal, different and orphaned rows: DTM Data Comparer: row indicator

"Show data" option is a fast way to review table content. The small box near "show data" button contains a number of rows in the table with specified WHERE clause consideration.

DTM Data Comparer: main window

If a field is marked as bold, it is a part of the table primary key or assigned unique key.

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