DTM Data Comparer Revision History

Version 1.27.03 (28-FEB-2021)
  • New project properties window design, minor UI fixes
  • New report features (column in rows, etc)
  • Performance improvements
Version 1.26
  • User interface update (toolbar, buttons, recent files)
  • BLOB comparison performance improved
  • Complete Unicode support
Version 1.25
  • $TableLeft$ and $TableRight$ macros added for report file name
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macro format can be changed in the settings
  • SQLite and SQLAnywhere support improved
Version 1.24
  • Better text file comparison support
  • Added connections to custom separated text files
  • XML reporting feature added
  • Better date and time comparison for different value format
Version 1.23
  • Query to query comparison mode added
  • Plural mapping support for Database Mode added
  • Diagnostics module improved

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