Data Comparison Software Features


Operating systems support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003, 2008 or 2012 or newer.
Additional client side software required ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI (BDE) or Oracle Call Interface.
Does the product support any DBMS-specific features? Yes, for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, IBM Informix, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird.
Can I compare desktop databases or spreadsheets like Access or Excel with this tool? Yes.
Does the comparison tool allow to execute custom SQL scripts against connected databases? Yes, the program has built in SQL console.

Comparison process

Can I see only different records in data grid? Yes, "Show different only" switches on or off corresponding mode.
Can I compare only required columns? Yes, mapping feature allows you to do that.
Can I compare tables without primary key? Yes, the user can specify unique key columns manually.
Does the product support complete large binary objects comparison feature? Yes.
Can the tool remove non significant symbols from values before comparison? Yes.
Does DTM Data Comparer support comparison for three or more table pairs simultaneity? Yes, with "database mode".
Can the software compare and/or synchronize data in unattended mode? Yes, console mode is available.
Can the data comparison tool help me to compare only part of table? Yes, you can specify WHERE clause to limit rows to be compared.
Can the comparison or synchronization process be scheduled? Yes, the data comparison tool is compatible with Windows Schedule System.


Can the product save synchronization script to SQL file? Yes. Sample synchronization script.
Can the comparison software produce synchronization script without actual synchronization? Yes.
Can I manage transaction size for synchronization process? Yes.
Does the comparer support custom SQL statement separators for synchronization script? Yes.
Can the synchronization tool to generate new script daily? Yes, use $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros in the script name.
Does the product support selective execution of the synchronization script? Yes.
Can DTM Data Comparer add COMMIT statement to synchronization script? Yes.
Does the product support large binary object synchronization? Yes, but there are some limitations depend on database type.
Does the product support data conversion in the synchronization process? Yes, read more...
Can I block target database rows removing during synchronization process? Yes, as well as updating and inserting. Please refer to product settings and command line switches.
Does the product support identity and autoincrement columns? Yes, for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access only.

Report Options

Can the program generate comparison report? Yes, HTML, XML and Excel formats.
Can I modify header and CSS file for comparison report? Yes, it is stored in "tmpl/head.htm" template.
Does the tool support comparison report localization? Yes.


Is help for the tool built into the product? Yes.
Is help for the tool available on-line? Yes, see online help

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