Data Viewer and Editor for PostgreSQL databases

DTM Data Editor was designed and developed as low level tool for database access. It provides advanced users, database developers and DBA with fast and easy way to PostgreSQL data access. The editor has three panels for list of tables, list of rows of the selected table and form based editor for single row. It is easy and intuitive way to view data or modify it if necessary. To modify database the editor generates SQL statements. All of them can be executed directly or modified by user. Also, the user is enabled to save them as SQL script to the disk file. DTM Data Editor offers filters, export facilities and BLOB management (import, export and modification) options.

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DTM Data Editor Features

  • The database schema tree can contain a few connections at once. The user can operate with a few PostgreSQL connections or another databases like DB2, Informix or Sybase.
  • Direct access to desktop formats is available as well: Access, Paradox, DBF, Excel, etc.
  • Object and data value search, filtering and sorting features help users to customize data view for comfortable work.
  • The editor allows users to export and share settings to team.
  • The data editor has built-in functions for LOB: export, preview and import.
  • DTM Data Editor is a true Win32 application that supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 8/10(desktop) and Server 2003/2008/2012/2016.

Why DTM Data Editor is suitable for PostgreSQL users

  • The editor is fast and easy way to access required data via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider.
  • It understands PostgreSQL-specific data types: int2, int4, int8, float4, float8, bytea, timestamptz, etc.
  • DTM Data Editor resolves master-detail relationships automatically and shows meaningful value instead of depended ID.
  • It allows to add, update or remove row by one click.

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