DTM Data Editor Revision History

Version 1.05.11 (14-NOV-2019)
  • User interface update
  • "Show Exact Blob size" option added
  • Performance improved for filtering and sorting management
  • Complete Unicode support
Version 1.04
  • "Ignore schemas" feature added
  • New settings and options
  • Performance update for form builder
Version 1.03
  • "Use default" option for insert and update row feature
  • Better support for column tooltips
  • GUI update for Windows 7
Version 1.02
  • Optional schema cache feature
  • New objects filter by list and by substring
  • A few important interface improvements
Version 1.01
  • Supports view feature for large objects
  • "View options" dialog allows you to work with filters and sort orders more comfortable
Version 1.00.10
  • Supports simultaneous connections
  • Field description for linked tables

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